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An Aged Cigar Tastes Good

There are three popular, as well as legal, things that people like to smoke. They are cigarettes, pipes and cigars. You rarely hear about a connoisseur of cigarettes, but a connoisseur of cigars is common. Cigars, dried as well as fermented leaf ...


The History Of Middleton Cigars

Cigars have been around for quite some time. Getting back to the time of Columbus, they have been a very popular way of relaxing, primarily because of the nicotine contained within these fermented leaves. Rolled together originally, tied by ...


The Latest of Oliva Cigars

  Oliva Cigars  are  a very popular brand among the avid cigar smoker. Melanio Oliva was the founder of this company in 1886 in Cuba. The company was thriving in Cuba until the revolution took place. After the Cuban revolution, Gilberto ...